Magic comes as an online casino

MagicBox Casino’s website is pure excitement. Upon first opening the casino’s site, the eye is drawn to the sparkling treasure chest on the left side of the page. The casino’s flashing welcoming message to potential players, from the first words of “ladies and gentlemen” allows the reader to slip back into the easy childhood days of birthday parties and magic tricks; except that casino makes clear that there are no magic tricks here, just “fantastic games” and a “huge jackpot.” Find all promotions on . From a marketing standpoint, this is a work of brilliance which communicates exactly what the casino was likely aiming for.

MagicBox Casino

The number of flags, representing the number of countries from which MagicBox Casino’s players come from, is simply impressive; far more than most online casinos profess. The welcome bonus advertised just to the right of the casino’s cordial greeting boasts of a welcome bonus of $567 and invites customers to join the casino and download its software. The generous welcome bonus, along with the wide choice of games make MagicBox one of the latest casinos online.

Towards the bottom of the page are listed the casino’s security credentials as well as the services that it uses in providing its games. Playtech, the gaming technology company that powers MagicBox Casino, is among the best in the world. Several other seals on the site profess to the casino’s security standards and level of technical excellence – it also offers 24/7 technical support via telephone, ensuring that the customer has the chance to speak with a real, live human being in order to obtain answers to even the smallest questions. See more playtech casinos on this webpage.

The navigation links lined up above the casino’s greeting imagery are extensive, ensuring that the potential player will have plenty of information about the casino, its operations, and its deals before joining and beginning to play.

All in all, MagicBox Casino seems to live up to its name – a place in which the heady days of magic and innocence may be reobtained while playing.